Living Arts College

Founded in 1992 by real world digital imaging pioneers who continue to mix technology with content creativity

Living Arts College

... here is the top digital media arts college. Here is the legendary North Carolina College that has pioneer high-end education in both the CREATIVE ARTS and the MEDICAL ARTS.

Living Arts attracts applications from around the globe to the incredible Studio Arts Campus in Raleigh, North Carolina.

CREATIVE ARTS students gain immediate access to the high-end digital tools and techniques used in production ... and seldom found at the school level. For example, film student can gain certification on the Arri ALEXA and the Sony F55 CineAlta. BA undergraduate degrees complete in 3, not 4 years. Certificates offer added options.

MEDICAL ARTS students affordable options in allied health programs that include Medical Assistant, Medical Office Administration and Medical Billing and Coding. They enjoy CAREERS IN MONTHS NOT YEARS!

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Don't plan on going to school each week. Plan on going to a job that will tap into your passion - for art, design, music, audio, animation, film, photography, graphic design and more!

Find how you may qualify for America's Creativity College where creativity professionals are born to the New Media worlds of entertainment, digital media and beyond.

Here is the North Carolina the HIGHER CREATIVITY COLLEGE that has pioneered digital arts education. The emphasis here is on CREATIVE CONTENT PRODUCTION. Find Bachelors Programs and Certificate Programs in Animation, Filmmaking, Photography, Interior Design, Interactive Media and Audio.

Look to developing specific skill sets in Graphic Design, Digital Filmmaking, Animation Modeling and Special Effects, Pro Audio, Sound Design, DSLR Photography, Commercial Photography, Portraiture, Broadcast Design and Internet Production.

Discover why graduates of Living Arts College have grown from intense 3D animation programs to work on features that include Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, The Hulk, Matrix, Star Wars, Harry Potter and many, many more productions. You'll begin to understand why this may be the Best Animation School going.

Plan to move beyond a Bachelors Degree in Animation, Filmmaking, Photography, Interactive Media, Interior Design and Audio ... to a hands-ons Competency Based Studio Education. This is Best School thinking that builds Creative Professionals for the digital world of Advertising, Film Studios, Interactive Gaming, Special Effects, and Graphic Design, with mastery of the world of Internet Production. Find tools like PRO TOOLS, SOLID STATE LOGIC, ARRI ALEXA, MAYA, AFTER EFFECTS, etc..

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means targeted opportunities in WEBSITE DESIGN, GRAPHIC DESIGN, PHOTOGRAPHY, INTERIOR DESIGN and RUNNING YOUR OWN CREATIVE BUSINESS. Attend intense sessions in DAY or EVENING schedules.

Be sure to visit the MONOLITHIC DOME STUDIO ARTS CAMPUS. This is the college that's more like a studio. Look for GREENLIGHT Hollywood style production techniques--and answer to tough critiques to get your productions GREENLIGHTED.

Welcome to the campus that one senior art education leader called "... the art school of the 25th century!"

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