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MY CREATIVITY GRANT (MCG) is an opportunity for Living Arts degree program students to participate in an exceptional campus grant award.

This document is your easy-to-apply Application for the MCG. It is a combination of APPLICATION AND STATEMENT THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THE DETAILS OF MY CREATIVITY GRANT. The goal of this document is to speed your Grant application … and, detail how you must meet continuing academic and policy standards here and in the program catalog.

Bachelor Degree candidates

For programs beginning 2016, when meeting restrictions; are eligible for up to 20% Grant award applied to their Living Arts total core tuition. Exceptions do apply. However, the MCGrant is designed as generous support for the student who demonstrates a serious approach to study at the Living Arts Raleigh campus.

Credits Earned

Based on 180 academic credits, the MCG student will receive a 15% MCG award on credits 1 through 90 earned for continuous study meeting the standards listed below. MCG earned amounts will be applied in the following quarter.

Grant Oppotunities

For credits 91 through 180 earned, the MCG increases to 25% earned. The total possible MCG is currently $16,992 based on current tuition amount beginning October 12, 2015.



It is important that the MCG applicant UNDERSTAND that the Grant is made based on the following basic conditions relative to College policies and individual student performance:

    _____ Core eligibility
    L1. Citizen beginning program in 2016 or 2017 subject to then current tuition.

    _____ Calendar policy
    C1. Complete Enrollment status including Federal Financial Aid packaging completion within 36 calendar days of PROGRAM application—100% access. Beyond 36 calendar days through 46 calendar days—50% access. Beyond 46 calendar days—no MCG access.

    _____ Continuous enrollment
    E1. Student does not begin the next quarter—no MCG amount is applied to account (from past quarters) and no further access.

    _____ Advanced standing
    A1. MCG awards are not applied to transfer credits, that is courses not taken at Living Arts College. Earned grant credit amounts are limited to 15% for transfer students.

    _____ Satisfactory progress GPA G1. Student must maintain an average quarterly GPA of 2.0 or earned credits for the current less 2.0 will not be earned.

    _____ Satisfactory attendance S1. Quarterly attendance must be maintained as detailed in catalog. Failure to meet this standard in any one quarter results in no earned MCG for that quarter.

    _____ No cash value H1. MCG has no cash value as all earned amounts are applied to student account and may be used to reduce Financial Aid due amounts.

    _____ Medical leave M1. Approved medical leave status is limited to one quarter. Beyond one quarter—no MCG access pending review.

    _____ Cancelation of MCG T1. Current applications who have received confirmation for their MCG will be protected against tuition increases for the same program. MCG may be canceled at any time due to violations of this document, catalog policies and announced College standards.

    _____ Financial account current F1. Your individual Bursar office financial account must be current with no funds past due beyond 30 days—result is loss of MCG awards for quarter (s) in question.