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Details on English Second Language

We offer comprehensive English language programs, designed for international students who wish to improve their communication skills and learn how to speak English while increasing their knowledge of American Culture.

About Locations of ESL Affiliates

Miami, FL
Open Hearts Language Academy Open Hearts Language Academy has been providing exceptional ESL programs and language services for over 15 years.
Greensboro, NC
American Language Academy ALA will serve your English language needs for admission to a university with six (6) different course levels of an intensive English program (IEP) in our English for Academic Purposes curriculum

Advantages to English teaching

We are delighted that you are considering studying English in the United States. Living Arts College is dedicated providing high-quality academic and English language program options. The College also wants a healthy cultural experience for people who wish to learn English as a second language for academic, professional and personal purposes. At Living Arts College, our total commitment goes into facilitating the advancement of students’ communication skills within the English language through a wide variety of courses and activities. We will put you in touch with our affiliates who offer personal English language tutoring and study services as well as a high standard of student-oriented curriculum and instruction. We also give international students insight into the culture of the United States through activities and social experiences outside of the College.

The Affordable English language options

Studying the English language provides many challenges. Living Arts College is focused on the international student. Our goal is to provide high-quality academic and English language programs as well as a healthy cultural experience for people who wish to learn English as a second language for academic, professional and personal purposes. To this end we provide many affiliates that we work with in order to provide you with the best ESL options available. The cost for each program will vary, and you should contact your International Advisor as soon as possible in order to determine the optimal place for you to study English as a second language.
Chinese Arabian Korean Portuguese

New Media Skills
NEW MEDIA skills in the Creative Studio Arts ... and good English language
skills provide a dynamic foundation for today’s Creativity Professional. Living Arts College
has been hosting International students to become career focused in the art of New Media.

Living Arts College


LIVING ARTS COLLEGE is America's Creativity College with graduates and students contributing to the leading media works. Here is the leading Animation School ... the leading Film School ... the leading Graphic Design school that is always starring in a leading role. You have met them in the blockbuster films, the leading games, the advertising awards, the high technology sound tracks, the dynamic graphics and interior designs. They have won more Addy Awards here in the Research Triangle than all other schools combined ... three years running from 2010 to today! Here are the creativity "originals".

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