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Medical Billing & Coding

Medical Billing & Coding performs key business support for the medical office. The professional medical billing and coder is a highly trained medical team professional.

Medical billing & coding duties may include:

  • Hospital billing and coding
  • Claims processing and claims management
  • ICD 10 Coding
  • HCPCS II Coding
  • AAPC certification exam preparation
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    Why Medical Billing & Coding?

    Medical Billing & Coding: The Living Arts difference

    The Medical Billing & Coder acts as an essential and responsible, professional member of the medical team...

    This is a position that demands knowledge to translate medical terms, medical facts and detail into workable, digital information. Medical coding is an in-demand skillset!

    Learn Medical Billing & Coding at Living Arts

    Clerical duties may include:

  • Preserving medical records
  • Preparing insurance claims
  • Medical office communications essentials
  • Translating medical products and services
  • Using a universal coding system
  • Insurance billing system
  • Why Living Arts?

    Why Living Arts?

    Focused Training
    Living Arts offers dedicated preparation supporting and aiming for AAPC Certified Professional Coder status. Originally founded around the title: the american academy of coding professionals; AAPC is a respected force in the medical coding arena. Is a key component of Living Arts Medical Billing & Coding education experience. HISTORICALLY KNOWN AS AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR MEDICAL CODERS ... THE AAPC CERTIFICATION EXAMINATION FOR CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL CODERS—CPC, IS THE GOLD STANDARD IN DEMAND BY MEDICAL CODING EMPLOYERS.

    On-the-job like practice
    Living arts replaces the usual externship with the more effective Living Arts Practice experience. Living Arts Practive combines both medical coding practice and medical billing office simulation. Here is the on-the-job like experience coding for the office ... and, billing for medical practice and services. Check, and you'll find that Living Arts level Medical Billing & Coding works to qualify the serious student to better prepare for the official AAPC Certified Professional Coder exam.

    Affordable Short Program
    The Living Arts graduate completes the Living Arts AAPC related study and billing and coding practice in months ... and takes the AAPC CPC exam with preparation support by Living Arts. Having successfully completed all three— study, practice and exam preparation, the Living Arts student is challenged to discover their personal "best" in the business of medical billing and coding. The student at Living Arts will find an institution focused on making your education both valuable AND as affordable at the same time. Discovere a fixed, low cost tuition, with books and materials and medical uniforms (even shoes) included!

    As an accredited institution, Living Arts is authorized to award Federal Grants to qualified students. In addition, the school participates in the Federal Direct Loan program for students who are qualified.

    Students usually begin by completing the online FAFSA—FREE APPLICATION FOR STUDENT AID. But, wait! Call, talk to the Living Arts Financial Services Office. A Financial Planning Officer is anxious to talk to you. Find out how to complete your FAFSA and exactly how you will find an affordable solution to a Medical Arts career ... in months, not years! Phone your Adviser at: 336.774.7600

    Length of Programs and Advantages
    DISCOVER THE THREE ADVANTAGES UNIQUE TO LIVING ARTS—Lower cost, targeted Billing AND Coding study ... plus Living Arts Practice experience ... plus preparation for the AAPC CPC examing.

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