Living Arts College: Campus Security
Living Arts College will distribute, by October 1 of each year, a security report or a notice of the report to all current students and employees. The College will print and distribute the report to all new students quarterly, and will post the report to the College website annually with a statement of the report's availability, a description of its contents, and an opportunity to request a copy. This report includes, but is not limited to, crime and emergency reporting policy, access security, crime prevention, drug and alcohol policy, sexual assault procedures, and state registered sex offenders.

For the Campus Emergency Preparedness Planclick here.

The Annual Security Report can be viewed here or at the US Department of Education Campus Safety and Security site. Search for 'Living Arts' under 'Name of Institution' here. Information for both branch and main campuses are displayed under the Raleigh location listing. 

Campus Security Statistics for the three most recent calendar years can also be found at College Navigator, Campus Security. For an explanation of the Campus Security Reporting Practicesclick here.

For the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)click here.

For the Fire and Safety Reportclick here.

For the Drug and Alcohol Policy click here.

For the Sexual Assault Prevention Policy and Procedure, click here.

For the Missing Student Notification Policy and Procedure, click here.

Campus Security Information may also be found in the LAC Electronic Catalog.




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