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Continuing Education

...for the new media careers in ANIMATION, FILM, BROADCAST, GRAPHIC DESIGN, and SFX know-how.

From the studio arts college that’s been graduating creativity professionals who work on the blockbuster productions for over 23 years.


Qualify for a program

for the new media careers in ANIMATION, GAMING. GRAPHIC DESIGN, or SFX know-how. Edge out the competition with your story. You help produce a short that could excite audiences, and excite those who reward director level creativity.

Work beside the Industry Professionals Using Greenlight Critiques.

GreenlightRAW is the exclusive Living Arts challenge to support real-world success. GreenlightRAW—Real Application Workflow, the Living Arts critique system. Expect a producer or director to STOP production early if it appears faulty. Get a caution WAIT until faculty says GO. After all, great work needs great mentoring.

Animation and Visual FX for one exciting program.

Work toward higher-end development of your characters modeling & maquettes

Set your world in motion.

An animation & visual FX design school totally focused on satisfying the passions of those who will develop a creative eye. They will be the creativity professionals in animation who work to be rewarded for their definitive work as designers of exciting and persuasive visual images.

Animation and Visual FX for one exciting program.

Build animation and game worlds of beauty and excitement using powerful DIGITAL TOOLS.

Add unique theatrical quality to the scene with LIGHTING DESIGN elements.

Pay attention to applying a cinema look through SELECTIVE FOCUS scene building.

You have questions about Extreme Creativity. We have solutions for serious candidates!

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Full Time Programs

Living Arts has created a unique advantage available to all degree students. Complete the usual 4 year degree in ONLY 3 years. Want to go even faster? Qualify for an 18 month "PID"—Professional Intensive Diploma.

On-Campus Courses

Perhaps the most important question is ... Why attempt enrollment to what has become America’s Creativity College? Living Arts College has for those who will develop their creative potential earning higher rewards!

Greenlight RAW

We know that at this point in your life there are many decisions to be made. As a creative talent at Living Arts College how will you grow your talent to continuously perform at a HIGHER DIGITAL level? What should be your other key, early questions?