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If you are in the North Carolina area and if your passion is working in the creativity arena, you will benefit from attending MY CREATIVITY, THE OPEN HOUSE. Campus location details and free registration are available at:


an opportunity for Living Arts degree program students to participate in an exceptional campus grant award.

News! Help for those who display their passion for Creativity. Share your story and connect with your own My Creativity Grant.

Be recognized for your creative potential with significant tuition assistance. Connect for your award Here.

1 - Attend the SHOW ... and see the work and learn how students and graduates are becoming New Media creativity professionals. You'll receive valuable insight to breaking in at what is usually a highly competitive field.

2 - Experience MINI-WORKSHOPS for real-world, hands-on know-how. Find out how Living Arts is about getting to work with more advanced studio learning. Yes, there is a difference with studio-level learning vs. classroom theory sessions.

3 - Get rewarded learning WHO IS ACCEPTED to a higher level studio experience at Living Arts?

4 - Discover how your passion for creativity TRANSLATES to qualifying for FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE. The College provides access to both Federal grants and loan and/or campus awards for qualified students.

Go ahead and make your free registration at:

degree program or
professional intensive DIPLOMA

Schedule a Guided Interview

Becoming eligible for acceptance to Living Arts usually begins with talking to an Advisor. Making a call to: +1.919.488.8504 or completing an online application will enable you to share your dreams and goals with an experienced Advisor. The Living Arts Admissions advising team is qualified to help you explore your potential as a Creativity Professional. With 23 years of guiding graduates along career pathways, we're serious (and qualified) about creativity career planning. The steps that follow might prove valuable to you.

Phone +1.919.488.8504 in the US to speak to an Advisor. Ask questions and determine if you might benefit from taking the next step—participating in a Guided Interview. You'll learn that we conduct a scheduled Guided Interview in person or via Skype or phone. During the Guided Interview we'll begin a connection that includes exploring your potential for success in the studio arts. We'll look at your creative work (or lack of work), seek to understand your ambitions, dreams and experience. You'll, of course, have questions and will want to find out just why so many graduates have found pathways to higher rewards as creativity professionals.

Should you explore a BA Degree or a Professional Intensive program?

While the focus here is on building studio level know-how, Living Arts wants you to begin your education with a practical career plan. You have options. If you're a recent high school graduate seeking a higher education experience, Living Arts delivers an unique THREE year BA Degree. This shorter program replaces the traditional four year BA Degree. The difference is ... only the calendar time is different. The Living Arts BA is delivered within a similar number of hours. Classtime simply runs with fewer calendar breaks. For example, there is no lengthy summer break period.

Best of all, the THREE year BA Degree saves real money through big savings on living costs and no fourth year tuition. And, the graduate heads for the job market one year sooner than the traditional student! Plan to learn more program features and investment value options by connecting with an Advisor.

The PID—Professional Intensive Diploma program series can be completed in 18 or fewer months. This can be the valuable program selection for the adult learner who wants targeted know-how for today's higher demand digital jobs. This directed learning experience becomes even more valuable through studio level practice. Your Advisor will provide added details.


Living Arts has frequent program starts. The serious candidate for program or course ACCEPTANCE will want to apply early. On campus housing at SMARTSUITES often fills quickly. Class schedules are set relative to application date. Plan to connect early with an Advisor. If you plan to make ONLINE APPLICATION:



The International Student finds Living Arts the "Best Creativity School" offering as the best pathway to breaking in as a Creativity Professional.
LOCATION: Find Raleigh in the state of North Carolina . The state's Atlantic Ocean coastline and Blue Ridge Mountains are found about half way between New York City and Miami. Raleigh is home to the world leading developers of interactive game software as well as leading game production studios. Bonus—find a much, much lower cost of living here.
CAMPUS LOCATION: Look for the incredible Monolithic Domes that house the studio arts campus in north Raleigh. It's a safe, upscale area with shopping, cinema and dining within walking distance.
AN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY: The Raleigh area hosts some of the leading universities of US. Find a large international student body along with community matching cultural activities. This is also home for Research Triangle Park, one of the largest research sites in the world attracting global attention.
LIVING ARTS AUTHORIZATIONS FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: The College is authorized to issue US student F1 Visa form I-20. This form allows the Living Arts international student to begin the student Visa application process at their home country US consulate. See the beginning step by step process below.

Admissions Process for International Students

International students applying to Living Arts may begin the application process by completing these steps:

  • You have completed the equivalent of a US high school diploma or G.E.D.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to a qualifying for a career as a Creativity Professional..
  • Have a Guided Interview with an Admissions Advisor. The Guided Interview may be conducted in person or via Skype or phone. Your Advisor will review any need or concern requiring you to take the TOEFL—Test of English as a Foreign Language.
  • Pay the $50 application fee.
  • Once an international student is accepted to Living Arts, he or she must obtain a F1 Visa. To apply for an F1 Visa, the student must first obtain an I-20 form from Living Arts College.

Learn more at US Immigration & Citizenship

Visit online:

Completing the I-20 Form

In order to secure an F1 Visa, the U.S. government requires students to submit the I-20 form, which will be provided to the student by Living Arts.
Before Living Arts can administer the I-20 form, we must first receive and evaluate the following documents. Send to:

  • A bank statement with letter signed by a bank official proving that the student or the student’s family can cover complete tuition and living expenses for the duration of Living Arts program. Your advisor will assist with answers for the exact the amount required.
  • A medical form from the student’s doctor.
  • Proof that the student has obtained the equivalent of a US high school diploma. If the student did not receive a diploma in the US, he/she must submit documents that show that the student has received at least the equivalent of a US High School diploma. A suggested option is to validate education status through the Center for Educational Documentation in Boston, MA. Contact: for assistance. CED will notify Living Arts if the student’s education documents meet US government’s standards.
  • Once the above documents are submitted, Living Arts will send the student an I-20 form, which the student, or a parent if the student is under 18 years of age, must sign and retain.

The I-20 form must then be submitted to the US Consulate in the student’s home country, along with the following documents necessary for the F1 Visa:

  • The original Living Arts supplied I-20 form.
  • Current passport and any expired passports.
  • Appointment letter/document for the required Visa interview for the F1 visa.
  • Visa fee receipt of $200 along with SEVIS fee and receipt.
  • One photograph.
  • Confirmation page of online submitted Form DS-160 with CEAC bar code..
  • For more information about student visa requirements, visit

Living Arts is committed to helping international students join our programs. For further questions about the application process, please contact Admissions at:

International Student Health Insurance

Living Arts highly recommends that international students obtain health insurance for the duration of their time in the program. To learn more about insurance options for foreign students, visit ISO Insurance at:



Do you have questions and want to find out if you have the potential for success at Living Arts College? Begin with any of these options:
- Email an advisor at: Be sure to include your first and last name, your city and country. Include your phone number telling us if it is a cell phone such as: Cell +971 123 1234. If you want an expert advisor to phone you simply ask ..."phone me on (date and day of week) at (time based on New York time)".

- Complete the "CONNECT" drop down form on the right side of this site.

- Skype us at: LACRKZ

- Phone us in the US at: +1 919 488 8504 at New York time 9:00am to 7pm Monday through Thursday or 9:00am to 4pm Friday and Saturday.

- If you are visiting the US, plan a campus visit. We are just 25 minutes from RDU—Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Our campus address is: 3000 Wakefield Crossing Drive, Raleigh, North Carolina 27614 USA


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