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an investment that pays

What does it cost to attend Living Arts College?

A better question: What does it cost to become a highly trained studio arts Creativity Professional? The Creativity Professional here benefits from a college education that is far beyond the usual. Gain highly specialized skills in art director level design, technology, studio business and a big plus: Internet development.

Cost of attendance at Living Arts is measured by value and scope of learned skills. Prepared to work hard? Then the Living Arts graduate has the potential for higher rewards. This means performing as a true professional at the level of EXTREME CREATIVITY.

Ask for a copy of our guide: Living Arts College - Exercises in Extreme Creativity.

Time is part of the investment

If accepted, your program will be focused on today's COMPETENCY BASED LEARNING ... a real-world approach to educational experience. Complete your program quickly at LOWER COST heading toward the job market sooner. See added program details below.

Why try for Living Arts?

Living Arts builds better Creativity Professionals through competency based education. Expect hands-on experiences in the studios and on location. An experienced, caring faculty leads students with deep emergence into Extreme Creativity. Plan to explore this and all of the added business and Internet development options available to each student.


The one year PID ... Professional Intensive Diploma

Adults and those looking to fast track their portfolio will look to the PID ... Professional Intensive Diploma. The PID is available in six different majors. Program length can be adjusted from 12 months. This program series is made very affordable for those who qualify. Connect with an Advisor for details.

The working budget you need

College investment is about more than tuition. This is why your Advisor will connect you with the Living Arts Financial Planning Office. You'll have an option to set up a budget to project and plan your total college costs. Will you want help in finding part time, non-professional work during college? Do you hope to live on campus? Will this fit into your budget? How do you navigate a Financial Aid master plan? Again, your advisor will connect you with the support team at the Financial Planning Office.


Financial Aid for US citizens

Living Arts supports candidates with planning who qualify for Federal Financial Aid grants and loans. The College is authorized to assist the qualified student in applying for Federal Financial Aid. The process usually follows after making application through Admissions. Your Admissions Officer will introduce you to a Financial Planner Officer. Your Financial Planner Officer, working with Admissions will schedule a meeting with you and family (or others) to prepare your attendance budget. The objective is to support your own goal, aiming to complete your education on time and on target. International and other students not eligible for Federal Financial Aid will find assistance below.


Living Arts College supports a community effort to fund tuition costs plus often overlooked personal living expenses while attending. Assistance to all qualified students includes:

  • US citizen application to Federal Financial Aid Grants and Direct Loans, following uniform guidelines prepared from Federal Financial Aid standards.
  • Living Arts Campus Awards most often based on family need and/or evidence of potential to succeed as a Creativity Professional.
  • Placement assistance for locating part time jobs in the campus area outside of a student's program.

The Student Services Office and the Financial Planning Office pprovide planning and advising plus financial application details related to the above. You will find a caring staff waiting to share their expertise with candidates. As a note of caution, Federal funding as well as campus awards often require the student or candidate to furnish information and complete documentation on a timely basis. This is a personal responsibility meaning College staff help may be limited if the individual does not follow through on his/her part. Maintaining communications is the best route.

FEDERAL Financial Assistance solutions FOR QUALIFIED STUDENTS

- Federal Pell Grants are awarded, calculated following the student completing the online FAFSA—Free Application for Student Aid. Find details online or contact your Advisor directly.
- Direct Loans are made to qualifying students as well as PLUS loans made to qualifying parents of dependent students. Find all of the details working with Financial Assistance.
- Campus Awards are made on the basis of demonstrated need as well as looking at passion and potential for success. Amounts vary by available funds at time of application.
- Finally, a creative solution may offer an answer if other options do not meet your goals. This may result in guiding you to a scholarship search, working and saving prior to start. Alas, there are no full scholarships available.



Use our guide below to find the scholarship that might work for you. Scholarships and Awards are listed along with where-available links. Plan to spend some important hours conducting a scholarship search. You might (or might not) find rewards!

Campus Awards

Living Arts funds select Campus Awards assisting tuition. Campus Awards are sourced from currently available funding at the College. As a result a best effort is to apply early to the College. Then work with your advisor who will connect you with the Financial Planning Office. This Office administers currently available Awards. Typical available awards include:

A.C.E.—ACHIEVING CREATIVE EXCELLENCE is designed to assist both new students and continuing students. Selection is based on 1) Available funding, 2) Need and/or, 3) Demonstrated potential as a Creativity Professional.
MY CREATIVITY GRANT can be a generous grant for those making a strong demonstration for passion and interest toward working in the studio arts.
OTHER AWARDS AS ANNOUNCED suggests that you visit Financial Planning and/or watch for on-campus announcements.

Your scholarship library ... begin your search here

Digital Filmmaking

  • Francis D. Lyon Scholarship for Film Student
  • University Film and Video Association Carole Fielding Student Grants
  • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Student Academy Awards

Animation & Game Design

  • Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Honorship
  • The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant
  • University Film and Video Association Carole Fielding Student Grants

Digital Photography

  • Dow Jones News Fund High School Journalism Workshops Writing, Photography and Multimedia Competition

Interior Design

  • ASID Foundation Legacy Scholarship for Undergraduates
  • IFDA Student Member Scholarship
  • IFDA Part Time Student Scholarship
  • IFDA Leaders Commemorative Scholarship

College Scholarships
URL: http://www.college-scholarships.com/. A variety of photography scholarships throughout the country are provided in this websites.

Scholarship America
URL: http://scholarshipamerica.org/index.php
Big Future by The College Board
URL: https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/scholarship-search

Chegg Scholarships
URL: http://www.chegg.com/scholarships
Cappex Scholarships
FastWeb Scholarships
URL: http://www.fastweb.com/college-scholarships

URL: http://www.finaid.org/scholarships/

College Scholarships
URL: www.scholarships.org

Walt Disney Company Foundation Scholarship
URL: www.scholarships4students.com/walt_disney_company_foundation_scholarship

North Carolina Student Incentive Grant
URL: www.cfnc.org

Foundation for the Carolinas Scholarship
URL: www.fftc.org/scholarships

Church’s Chicken Community Scholarship Program
URL: www.scholarsapply.org

Coca-Cola Scholars
URL: www.coca-colascholarsfoundation.org

URL: http://www.collegescholarships.org/scholarships/arts/photography.htm
URL: http://www.fastweb.com/college-scholarships/articles/photography-and-film-scholarships-and-internships
URL: https://colleges.niche.com/scholarships/interest/photography-2/
URL: http://www.schoolsoup.com/scholarship-directory/academic-major/photography/

Specific Scholarships for Photography:
The Lucie Foundation (http://www.luciefoundation.org/)

550 North Larchmont Boulevard, Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90004 310-610-4385


Get in touch with your future in Photography

Connect with a Living Arts Advisor to explore your potential as a Creativity Professional.