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Professor George LeChevallier, speaks about the Interactive Media Program at Living Arts College.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS join the graduates who work on the blockbuster films, popular games, major advertising and entertainment productions ... and design the residences and commercial properties world wide.

Prove yourself here at Living Arts College as a Creativity Professional!

Which experience will you attempt, to become a creativity star?



What kind of Creativity Professional will Living Arts College help you become? Explore our Program Experiences below:



Living Arts College helps you dream and succeed BIG, but the campus is small enough so students in different disciplines interact and collaborate. Nestled in northern Raleigh, North Carolina USA, here is America's Creativity College. Find the incredible Living Arts studio arts campus in this culture rich, safe and affordable community. The Atlantic Ocean beaches, the Blue Ridge Mountains and Washington, DC are all within driving distance.



Show your passion for becoming a creativity professional in the United States, at Living Arts College. Connect with an international advisor today.

STEP 1: Connect with your International Student Advisor

Your International Student Advisor and Success Mentors will be able to answer most questions you may have OR make sure to get the right answer for you. Your Advisor will be able to help you with the complex decisions involved in arriving and studying in the U.S. Start with a beginning look at your potential by staff creativity experts who are truly connected to the digital world. Ask questions too. And hear from students who have come to the USA to grow unique skillsets proven at Living Arts.

STEP 2: Make Application Online for Acceptance

Before starting classes and making plans for moving and arrival, you must be accepted to the College. Making application is easy to do online with assistance from your advisor. Your advisor and team of success mentors will offer practical guidance. Their goal is to discover those who display potential and/or project creativity, and to recommend them for Acceptance to Living Arts. Also, expect details on budgeting for a program, awards, timetable, housing (perhaps at on campus private bedroom SmartSuites), social events and local living expenses.

STEP 3: Complete preparation steps for Enrollment including gaining F-1 status

If Accepted, your mentor team will help with best-practices for you in obtaining your VISA to enter the USA as a student. This includes Living Arts issuing the needed I-20 form required by U.S. government. A summary of current best steps will be available from your support team as you progress.

STEP 4: Confirm Arrival Assistance Plans ... and start class!

You will want to look forward to being welcomed on arrival. Again, your support team will want to share departure from your country and arrival details. We look forward to seeing tomorrow's creativity professionals on campus!



Living Arts College has gained approvals and memberships in industry related activities, accreditation and professional organizations

SUCCEED with tips on preparing


Living Arts wants a first look at a candidate who is making application by previewing a small sampling of creative content. A lavish portfolio is not required. Instead, the College (admissions and faculty) wants to look at any media (writing, photography, video, drawing, art, poetry, music, performance). Should the candidate not have a basic sampling, staff will provide and assign and guide the indivdual with a basic creative assignment. The essay should address goal(s), or a great desire or passion ... or, even a story ... and be as short as one page (or less) prepared in English. Admissions will provide details on emailing or sending as digital files.